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Win Win


Mike Flaherty has no luck in the legal profession or in the wrestling coach at a high school in New Jersey, two offices dealing with them all the time, but not helping him to maintain his family of wife and two daughters. Once he becomes the legal representative of an old man named Leo Poplar, which the court declared irresponsible lawyer finds himself in the doorway with his client’s grandson, who ran away from home because his mother was admitted to a rehabilitation center for a- and treat drug addiction. Kyle Timmons is a troubled teen with a dubious past, which is why Jackie’s wife, Mike is not pleased initially to see around her face, but the boy gradually begin to gain the trust of all family members Flaherty and to integrate into wrestling team that trains lawyer without much success. Kyle has a natural athlete and is helpful wrestling team, but the situation is complicated when the boy’s mother, broke and just out of rehab like to take him in Ohio and snatch him from the family Flaherty.

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