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You Pet

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In this adaptation of the comic Japanese Korean “Kimi wa Petto” (Tramps like us), Sumire is Eun-Yi (Ha-Neul Kim) works as an editor for a fashion magazine. Because of higher education, salaries and the height of it, it intimidates men coming out and not successful in relationships. In-Ho (Jang Keun Suk-) is a ballet dancer who gave up a promising career after an accident in which his partner had to quit ballet. Now hopes to become a choreographer.

One rainy night, Eun-Yi finds a big blue box in front of her house, and inside was a handsome young man. Strangely, it reminds her of her dog, Momo. He needs a home and she feels alone so the two make an arrangement. He can stay if your pet will take place.

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