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Your Highness

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Throughout history, legends of brave knights established acts perpetrated by handsome knights who saves maidens in distress, dragons and conquer evil hăcuiesc. But behind many heroes are sometimes a younger brother and good for nothing, whose single acts of bravery are not to confuse brave brother, beware of dragons or evil in general.

Danny McBride and James Franco team up in Your Highness, where adventures are hilarious and fantastic a world where the story is the main ingredient of shameless acts of courage. The story of two princes on a mission: to save his kingdom, you must first save it to the person fiancee will ascend the throne.

Thadeous (McBride) has spent his whole life until now watching helplessly as his older brother Fabious (Franco) won their battle after battle, but also the hearts of all his subjects. Tired of everything being left out – from adventure, adoration and the throne of the kingdom’s succession, Thadeous decides to go to a party all day with magical herbs, and drink plenty of frivolous girls. But when the one who was to become his wife’s Fabious, Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel), is kidnapped by the sorcerer diabolical Leezar (Justin Theroux), the king gives nevolnicului Thadeous an ultimatum: either he’s a man and help their brother or disappears his face forever.

The will, of necessity, Thadeous joins Fabious’s. The two hit the road, and they occur in about a warrior like no other’s, Isabel (Natalie Portman). It has, however, her own plans for revenge. If will join forces, they will succeed together to escape the scary creatures, shameless traitors and save the princess? Will, really, Thadeous courage to find true hero to prevent the destruction of the kingdom? Or will still be a coward, following the arrival of new times feeble terribly dark?

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