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October 14, 1066 is the most famous girl in the history of England. It is the year in which England was invaded twice, taking part in three large and bloody battles. The redoubtable King Harald Scandinavian Hardraada led an army of Vikings experienced invading Northern England in mid-September, taking them by surprise awaiting a British invasion of Normandy William in the south. As King Harold Godwinson led an attack force of cavalry and infantry marching 190 miles north of London, to stop this great and unexpected threat, Hardraada destroyed the armed forces English (led by Duke Edwin and Morcar) next Gate Fulford, near York, on September 20. Five days later, near Stamford Bridge, Harold’s army took by surprise Godwinson Hardraada – and after a fierce battle, soldiers because massacre Scandinavians, they went home with just 24 of the 300 ships that came. Meanwhile, Duke William of Normandy landed his army on the southern shores of England, even when Harold Godwinson famous victory at York. English troops, exhausted and decimated, led by King Harold Godwinson, marched in speed 250 miles south to engage in battle with the troops rested of William, where one day rainy Saturday the two clashed in Battle of Hastings.

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