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1945 (2017) is a fresh and intelligent kinematic approach to a difficult subject that explores a transition period in Hungarian history with subtlety and nuance. On a stifling day of August 1945, the villagers are preparing for the wedding of Árpád, the son of the village’s notary despotist, but the former bridegroom’s fiancé, a former war criminal, returns from captivity. Though young Kisrózsi chased the former fiance, Jancsi, for the chance to join the bourgeoisie, she is clearly attracted to masculinity and her impressive appearance. Meanwhile, two Orthodox Jews dressed in black arrive at the station of a Hungarian village, having mysterious boxes on them. Everyone is afraid that men may be the descendants of Jews deported from the village and expect them to seek back the illegally acquired property lost initially during the Second World War. In a few hours, everything changes. People in the city, suspicious, full of remorse, frightened, and deceiving, expect the worst, and behave accordingly.

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