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7 días en La Habana

7 days in Havana is a portrait of Havana today, seen from the perspective of seven directors worldwide, in seven short films.

Monday – Benicio del Toro, “El Yuma”. A young American tourist arrives in Havana and led a tour of the city less commonly by his driver, an engineer with faculty Cuban finished in Moscow that leisure is a taxi driver. The young family meet distracting the driver-engineer their problems, then the nightlife of Havana, with the girls in the club and beyond.

Tuesday – Pablo Trapero: “Jam Session”. “Jam Session” tells the story of a famous European director who arrives in Havana to pick up an award at the Havana Film Festival. The director is going to cross an emotional crisis that manages to overcome his driver because Cuban, a guy who turns out to be an excellent trumpet player in his spare time. And actor in the role of famous European director Emir Kusturica is proving to be playing its own role somehow.

Wednesday – Julio Medem: “La Tentacion Cecilia”. In “The temptation Cecilia” is about the dilemma of talented singers Cuban undecided whether to accept the offer of an agent to go to sing in Spain for big money or to stay in Havana, along with her boyfriend, a sportsman poor and little unlucky.

Thursday – Elia Suleiman: “Diary of a Beginner.” “Diary of a Beginner” is about a Palestinian journalist arrived in Havana to interview someone important. While waiting for the encounter, the journalist takes part in several scenes of city life that at first glance seem like platitudes. Only at first glance.

Friday – Gaspar Noé: “Ritual”. A young Cuban is taken by her parents to a quack. The ritual is to “purify” young and removing “curse” believed that was befallen her lesbianism.

Saturday – J. C. Tabío: “Dulce Amargo”. A typical day in the life of a woman between two ages of Havana: two jobs to support the family, husband alcoholic and sick, the girl who wants to immigrate illegally to the USA, cooking cakes for special events despite power outages and shortages eggs.

Sunday – Laurent Cantet: “La Fuente”. Havana is a grandfather appears in a dream a holy woman who asks that until tonight to build the house a fountain sign of appreciation. The only problem is that the woman stays in an apartment block. Luckily the family is large, unguarded sites in the area and flooded neighbors below sympathetic.

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