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700 Sundays

“Billy Crystal 700 Sundays” is a very special HBO is based on one of the most popular shows on Broadway.

This is a huge show grossed where Billy Crystal is “one man show” and tells the story of his life.

In this two hour show, which was conducted in February 2014 to the public, the brilliant Billy Crystal talks about people who influenced his childhood and helped him to get at is today. Follow a beautiful story, told from the heart, which begins in 1950, when the actor was a child of a loving family in Long Beach Hebrew.

Crystal talks about relatives who inspired him since even then, about the huge influence he has had on his family and jazz music about his passion for team New York Yankees.

The actor discusses the impact that it has had the sudden death of his father when he was young. Then he remembers about the desire to become a comedian, a dream that was fulfilled thanks to the support that I received from family and then his wife.

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