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A Better Life

Carlos is a Mexican modest, decent, honest and worker aged 40 years who accept various jobs gardener in Los Angeles to ensure his son teenager named Luis a better life than he had it first, but the money they get from arranging gardens of wealthy owners are not sufficient to enroll the boy at the most prestigious schools and to avoid the negative influence of gangs of criminals and juvenile delinquents. When his boss proposes to sell the business van, Carlos is tempted by the offer, but is forced to refuse because they do not have the necessary funds, but at the last moment get a loan unexpectedly at his sister Anita and the opportunity to fulfill his dream to take control of their own destiny. Only misfortune strikes him on the first day Carlos and his new employee Santiago steals truck, Mexican unable to report the crime to the police because he is an illegal immigrant and would have serious problems.
Together with his son Luis, Carlos strives to make their own hands and find the stolen truck to ensure success in business.

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