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A Bird of the Air

Lyman is a loner type, small orphaned after his parents died in a car accident. For four years it has only happened when unhappiness, he knows his approximate age and the family does not remember only the name.

One day a stray parrot flies into his trailer Lyman and parrot immediately warns “You shut up!” “I am an eagle.” Amused and intrigued, Lyman decides he must find parrot lord, and so Fiona knows. Lyman she watched from a distance for some time and decide to help him, whether he wants it or not. Fiona has a dog, so they party and its help. As you begin to look for the man who would parrot, Fiona discovers things about his past Lyman. But at some point, he realizes that reality is more intense than the romantic version of the story that she and her imagined.

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