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Adrenalin: The BMW Touring Car Story

“Adrenalin” provides a unique insight into the history of one of the most iconic brands in world motorsport. It is at the same time, an emotional story, very personal, inspired by a lot of action and remarkable characters who have made history in prestigious competitions around the world: “We push the circuit. The smell of tires hot. The smoke and roaring engines. That was true motorsport “, Hans-Joachim Stuck, pilot.

The film is produced by brothers Tim and Nick Hahne (Germany), a team with rich experience in motorsport documentary. They spent the whole year traveling through Europe in 2014, during which they conducted about 30 interviews with leading riders and representatives of Motorsport BMW brand history. Also, the two have unearthed archival material, not previously been made public.

Thanks to this approach, the team produced a documentary of 123 minutes about sports, about passion and heroes who lived life on the edge. The narrative constructed from interviews, goes beyond chronological record in history of motor racing. The story becomes personal and focuses on the individual experiences of the wheel, talking about their challenges and experiences. History is thus formed with the circuit and show much emotion outside.

One of the many attractions of the film is the return of BMW to the DTM sensational in 2012 when the manufacturer has managed a sensational hat-trick in 20 years after his return to competition: evidence from pilots, builders and teams.

Introduction sequence of the documentary was filmed in the BMW Museum. The location offered racing cars from different periods arranged with sophisticated lighting installations. The successful debut of the BMW M4 DTM at the Hockenheimring had him (Germany) in May 2014 gives the picture surrounding that film. It’s where the documentary begins and ends.

“Excitement – THE BMW TOURING CAR STORY” is the most comprehensive documentary about the story of BMW in competitions of cars that includes footage and original interviews with Jochen Neerpasch, the first director of BMW Motorsport GmbH, and Paul Rosche (Germany), who, as technical director, has contributed to many of the greatest successes in motorsport BMW and is considered the “father” of many of the most spectacular BMW engines. Pilots legends like Johnny Cecotto (Venezuela), Roberto Ravaglia (Italy) Steve Soper (UK), Hans-Joachim Stuck (Germany), Marc Surer (Switzerland), Joachim Winkelhock (Germany) and Alex Zanardi (Italy) have their say stories on this journey through time.

Triple WTCC World Champion Andy Priaulx (GB), the current BMW drivers in the DTM – Bruno Spengler (Canada), Augusto Farfus (Brazil) and defending champion Marco Wittmann (Germany) – Charly Lamm (Germany), Director of BMW Team Schnitzer and BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt, BMW reveal their experiences with touring. Along with these genuine heroes BMW are presented as the brand’s flagship models such as BMW 3.0 CSL ‘Batmobile’ BMW M1 or M3.

Two composers class had the task of providing background music: Tony Anderson and Danny Odom (both US). Ben Lukas Boysen (Germany), aka “Hecq” has also contributed with important musical elements. Currently, “Hecq” is regarded internationally as one of the most innovative sound creators.

“This is the ultimate documentation of racing history for touring BMW,” said BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt. “The film captivated me from the first moment. The pictures show in an impressive manner the magnificent history that BMW has written a stage competitions of cars. The most fascinating I found the records of the years ’60s and’ 70s, when its pilots mastered skillfully cars on the circuit, sometimes succeeding drifting spectacular. Many of those pilots are heroes and successes have turned into legends. When Johnny Cecotto, Roberto Ravaglia and “Strietzel” Stuck talk about the “good old days” with stories from the paddock I could not not be impressed and excited. I felt goose bumps when Bruno Spengler raised outdoor championships DTM. These memories are as vivid as the title won by Marco Wittmann this year (not 2014) . BMW recommend any fan to see the film. The history of BMW Motorsport has never been told in a movie so touching and evocative. ”

Tim and Nick Hahne, together with production company STEREOSCREEN they hold, have become a common name for motorsport fans everywhere after the documentary feature film “24 hours – ONE TEAM. ONE TARGET”. In 2011, they were with BMW Motorsport during preparations for the endurance classic at the Nürburgring (Germany) and filmed in detail the race in “Green Hell”.

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