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Age of the Dragons

Inspired partly classic story “Moby Dick” author Herman Melville, but replacing whale huge with a huge dragon and white film “Age of the Dragons” is central to the action constant battle and obsessive that Captain Ahab a lead against creatures winged you inhabit a mythical land. Rachel beautiful and wild, the adopted daughter of Ahab team lead with iron fist of the dragon slayers which is joined by Ishmael, a charismatic and skillful minuitor the harpoon. Feeling increasingly attracted to Ishmael, who responds with the same feelings of affection and love, Rachel must choose if it begins an existence completely new with the man loved or accompanies his adoptive father in his mission dangerous which aims killing white dragon monster that massacred the whole family went to Ahab and his body mutilated him, leaving visible scars on his face and body until now.

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