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Hoping for a better life, a Romanian-Hungarian family of circus performers, running from the Ceausescu regime and emigrated to the West in the early 80. Once there, that they may remain in the business, they have to find something exotic to impress : mother has a special, is hang hair circus dome. Aglaya daughter is extremely worried that her mother might die by running the numbers, and this fear becomes a daily care. Despite concerns, following family tradition, itself becomes “haired woman of steel”. The film, which takes place between communist Romania is screening eponymous novel written by Aglaja Veteranyi.

“It’s a story frail, sensitive about people meant to enjoy others, often trampling over their problems. In a world of things seemingly easy win, but in reality, every smile looks back at least disturbing stories. But that’s life, one does not forgive her into turmoil. “- Krisztina Deak.

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