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The story begins on the island of Mandwa near Maharashtra in 1977. Master Deenanath Chauhan, director of the highly respected school, trying to persuade the villagers not to lease his land Kancha, a mobster who intend to start a business in the world of narcotics. To give it away, mobster accused of molesting a child Deenanath, for which he was sentenced to death by hanging.

After this son and his wife are forced to flee the city to Mumbai, where his wife give birth to a baby girl in May. After a few years, Vijay decides to investigate who the real perpetrator, because his father culprit to be punished. Vijay falls for Kaali and proposes to her. She accepts, but soon after marriage, Kaali is murdered by an employee of Kancha. Revenge it comprises Vijay. He sends his mother and sister in Mandwa away from danger and turns the footsteps of Kancha. Will he take revenge on one Kancha, which meanwhile has become stronger than it was when I faked rape his Master?

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