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The action takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece. Saimir Vini and his younger brother, who recently emigrated from Albania, trying to survive in Greece. Saimir is to marry Elektra, a young Greek woman; while trying to deal and his younger brother and to find a job, which is not too hard on him Vini enthuses. Vini’s trying to prove he can handle and Saimir without him, without humiliating jobs awkward and ungrateful.

The emergence family uncle Albanian sick of Saimir in the house where he lives with Elektra, will highlight the differences of the two cultures: Greek and Albanian, and especially will arise a conflict between Saimir and his father Nikos, who thinks that Saimir will able to forget their roots and to think only of his new family. Saimir will seek to strike a balance between the two families, while Vini will end up caught in local Albanian mafia and reveal the horrors of trafficking clandestine immigrants. Majlinda will fall in love, protected by Keno, head mafia.

With ingenuity and courage of a young man of 20 years, he will try to release her from the hands of Keno, involving him and his brother in this world of violence. It is the story of family values, love, desire to succeed in life through the prism of two brothers looking for their place in a foreign country, a story of trials and metamorphoses caused by love.

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