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Alice in Wonderland

Alice is 19 and is at a party where she learns to be married by a wealthy man. The girl runs away and, through the White Rabbit, falls into Wonderland, a place she knows to have visited years ago, but she no longer remembers him. The White Rabbit says he has come back after Alice because she is the only one able to kill Jabberwock, the monster who defends the kingdom of Queen of Heart-Red. Will Alice succeed in saving the Wonderland and returning to the real world?

After “Edward Scissors”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Legend of the Headless Headband” or “Sweeney Todd”, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are again making the team in one of Disney’s most eccentric productions, “Alice in Wonderland”. The unique interpretation of the story, the impressive casting and unprecedented effects are all reasons for delight for cinemas.

Inspired by Lewis Caroll’s “Adventures of Alice in Wonderland” and “Adventures in the Mirror Country,” the movie “Alice in Wonderland” removes everything we knew – or thought we knew – about the well-known story, to recreate it in a new style, as eccentric, so captivating, with Tim Burton and writer Linda Woolverton (who also worked on “Beauty and the Beast”, “The Lion King”, “Mulan”, etc.).

Since I’ve never read the story, Alice (played here by Mia Wasikowska) has grown up: we find the young lady all the way, promised to marise a rich but boring nobleman. While walking in the garden, the young man revisits it – you guessed it! – the famous rabbit with jacket and pocket watch (Michael Sheen’s voice). Watching him through the hill, he gets to Underland / Wonderland, but he does not remember. (Johnny Depp, whose fantastic power of metamorphosis surprises us again), the Cheshire cat (Stephen Fry’s voice), the blue caterpillar Absolem (Alan Rickman’s voice) and the alai of playing cards – the subjects of the Queen of the Temptation (Helena Bonham Carter), who repeats with the same enthusiasm, of course, “Cut their heads!” According to her good habit, Alice grows and shrinks, tries cakes and magical teas and sneaks through all the doors she discovers.

Still, nothing resembles what we remembered from the story. The characters have changed and the atmosphere is disturbing in Wonderland since the Queen of the Cup has usurped the throne of her sister, Queen Alba (Anne Hathaway). The suspects want to escape the tyranny of the Queen of the Cup, but it is scornfully defended by the fiery monster Jabberwock (voice Christopher Lee), which looks like terror in the kingdom. That’s why White Rabbit brought Alice to Underland: according to a prophecy, she is the only one who can kill Jabberwock. Until then, Alice has to release Palarier, captured by the queen’s men, and find his weapons for a sensational fight on the chessboard – a surprising development of avant-garde visual effects. How the story ends in “Alice in Wonderland” / “Alice in Wonderland”, one of the most ingenious productions ever made.

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