All the Money in the World

Rome, 1973. A group of masks kidnap an adolescent named Paul. His grandfather, J. Paul Getty, is the richest man in the world, a billionaire tycoon in the oil industry, but he is also a notorious miser.

The kidnapping of his favorite nephew is not enough reason for him to break away from part of his fortune. Gail is a devoted and powerful mother who, unlike Getty, has constantly chosen children at the expense of her fortune. As time passes and her son’s life is in increasing danger, Gail tries to influence Getty, even as her son’s kidnappers become more and more determined, more unstable and more brutal.

When Getty sends his counselor, Fletcher Chace, to take care of his interests, he and Gail become unexpected allies in the race against the clock, which ultimately reveals the true and lasting value of love to the detriment of money.

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