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Almighty Thor

Odin, King of Asgard, dreamed of stars in the sky turned black, so go to weavers who controls the fate of the earth to be his dream interpreted. By sunset, the world will be destroyed, the countdown has started, the answer is that it gets. From the depths of hell appears in the gates Valhalla demon god Loki, Odin asking King invincibility hammer, forged by his father Odin in the middle of the tree of life, with which wants to end life on earth. Denied being, kills the king and one of his sons, Baldiri, starting in pursuing other son, Thor, whom Odin get to tell him before his last breath as he threw the hammer in the heart of the Tree of Life through a portal of time, the hammer will occur at full moon and first to be recovered ahead of Loki, otherwise it will be lost forever. Thor, helped by witch Jarnsaxa who learned to fight the warriors’ guardians of the gods, start looking for the hammer to the Tree of Life, with the footsteps of their demon Loki accompanied by a pack of huge creatures.

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