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Alyce is a petty committed to an investment fund, not exactly loved by his direct boss. In a night out with his best friend at a bar Carroll. There, incidentally Carroll learns that his friend is cheating on her with another woman.

Alyce where return home to drink a bottle of wine together. Carroll is still unhappy and go together and buy a dose of Ecstasy. After consuming the drug, Carroll proposes to climb along the roof of a nearby hotel. There mistakenly Alyce Carroll pushes and falls on the sidewalk in front of it. Carroll does not die but is most broken bones, including jaw and can not speak. Nobody out what really happened was, all believing that it was a suicide attempt. But Alyce is haunted by the ghost of his girlfriend. As a result get to live a totally unhealthy, haunted by drugs and sex for their procurement.

Tormented by the situation, Alyce go to the hospital and axfisiaza Carroll with a pillow. Unfortunately, his criminal instincts do not stop there.

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