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American Assassin

A unique American assassin with unshakable skills and a fierce determination to take revenge is born in this thriller of action and spying nonstop that spring from today’s cruel reality full of hard-to-detect hearts, special operations, high-level surveillance , portable nuclear weapons and dark planes. This is the story of a twenty-first antiterror spy who, in a world of new rules, breaks all the old patterns.

Based on Vince Flynn’s bestseller, “American Assassin” translates audiences into the world of one of the most popular contemporary fictional heroes working in the shadow: super-agent CIA Mitch Rapp. When Rapp’s promising future is destroyed by a violent startup, it propels his career as a clandestine warrior on Age of Terror front lines. Now he has to discover how to turn his uncontrolled fury into the energy needed to hunt those who would destroy the dreams of others in a world where nothing is clear.

The American assassin reconstitutes Rapp’s origin, from a broken-hearted fiancée, to a sneaky renegade, to a CIA trainee far above average, and to the first mission in which he was not allowed to fail after 15kg of stolen plutonium. The film brings together starring star Dylan O’Brien, who creates an unrestrained Rapp on screen with the Oscar-nominated actor and Michael Keaton winner of the Golden Globe as the legendary CIA coach Stan Hurley. Trying to correct his mistakes, Hurley prepares Rapp to join Orion, the most camouflaged CIA network. But while Hurley teaches Rapp that spy work can not be personal, Rapp relies on personal connections to help him get into a network of mercenaries, illegal arms dealers, extremists and a former angry agent, not far from being himself, all these things threatening a new World War.

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