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American Sniper

Director Clint Eastwood returns in January theaters action film “American Sniper”. The main role presents Bradley Cooper Chris Kyle’s interpretation, the most effective sniper in US military history

Chris is sent to Iraq with the sole mission to protect their comrades on the battlefield. Its target accuracy has saved many lives, which is why guns colleagues have dubbed the “Legend”. But his story has reached beyond enemy lines, which put price on his head and made him the coveted target for insurgents. Although dramas warfare strikes and Chris is also the duty of being a husband and father family model home that awaits him.

Despite the danger and homesickness, military to complete four missions of the war, which does not leave behind any comrade. However, once near his wife and children, he realizes that trauma on the battlefield will not give peace again.

Inspired by true events, the film “American Sniper” reveals a shocking and moving story for the first time on the big screen, from January 30, 2015.

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