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Apollo 18

The new movie “Apollo 18 – The Secret Mission” film is a complete, realistic and terrifying about an alleged “secret mission Apollo 18 on the Moon.” The film, directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego, presented to the public on 22 April 2011, raises the question: “Why do not we returned to the Moon?”, After the Apollo 17 mission, the Daily Galaxy.

The documentary shows images that had been hidden until now public and advancing the idea of ​​discovering intelligent extraterrestrial life Luna.Producatorii speculate on the idea that a year after Apollo 17, in December 1973, two American astronauts were sent on a secret mission the moon funded by the US Department of Defense. It is assumed that American astronauts could have caught something in this mission, but their discovery and convinced people not to ever put foot on the moon. While NASA denies the film authenticity, others say it is perhaps the real reason we never went back to the moon. Officially, Apollo 17 was launched on December 7, 1972, the last manned mission to the moon NASA.

Mission crew consisted of the master, Eugene Cernan, the pilot space capsule, Ron Evans and Harrison Schmitt, lunar vehicle pilot Challenger.Dupa successful lunar landing, near Montes Taurus in the United Serenitatis crew mission conducted measurements of temperature, gravimetry, of cosmic radiation, the seismic movements and took samples of lunar rocks.

Whatever the truth, NASA won the “race outer space”, imposing a sense of research that followed, to elucidate the mysteries of the universe.

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