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Astérix et Obélix: Au Service de Sa Majesté

The year is 50 BC. Caesar H. like to make some conquests, so she decides to invade this island at the head of his legions at the frontiers known world, this mysterious land called Brittany.

Victoria’s rapid and total. Me, please, close … A village bangs it decided to resist, but now i have about exhausted our resources. Cordelia, Queen Britons, sends his most loyal officer on Flegmatix to ask for help in Gaul, where a Welsh village keeps them resist the Romans for some time with great success … In Asterix and Obelix small village in question are already busy up over their head for CAPM has entrusted Şmecherix nephew, freshly arrived from Lutetia to take care of him and, especially, to make a man of him. And their task is far from being reached no end.

When Flegmatix comes to them for help and offering a magic potion keg, and two companions who will make sure that the precious elixir to reach the destination safely. Asterix and Obelix so start a new adventure in which you take and Şmecherix, because it provides an opportunity too good to be be missed for it to complete their education.

And as home plan does not match that of the borough, it is clear that our heroes again will entertain us in their style known!

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