Franck dreams of becoming a cartoonist and comic publisher Schaudel working on reception. One day, he’s asked his boss, Marc Schaudel, who is invited to the awards reception publishers to care for a night of his son, Remy, a boy with whom Franck has already been informed. Said and done. Franck its takes delivery charge of babysitting, while Marc, with his wife, leaving the road. But Mr. Schaudel just does not know that this day celebrates 30 years Franck and his friends have prepared a party. And because Franck, held in the home of his boss, can not come from his own party, his friends decided to move home to family Schaudel. Initially reticent, Franck gives entreaties buddies, but what was announced to be a party among friends quickly degenerates into a mess of proportions, culminating with the disappearance of small Remy.


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