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February 17, 2008. Kosovo declares independence and the Serbian government announces mass protests, like the world to express their dissatisfaction. Luka, a troubled teen on the threshold of adulthood, lives in Mladenovac, a former industrial city ruined the outskirts of Belgrade where, together with his best friend, Flash, leads the local football team.

Following an unannounced visit to the social worker’s Lukas face a family secret that his father, who was thought to have disappeared in conflicts in Kosovo, is in fact alive and ask him.

Torn between family problems, pressure parole and affection for a girl who never can have, Luka loses as pătulşi break his leg the best player in the club. It is now pursued by people seeking revenge because their investment lost, and even friends from his group away from him.

The day is coming protests in Belgrade and Luka advantage of this to leave the city. While hooligans show their anger on the streets of Belgrade, Luka gathers his forces to meet her, finally, the father who abandoned him years ago.

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