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Alex Pettyfer is Kyle Kingson, a young man who has it all: it is beautiful, smart, rich and has many possibilities. Wanting to mock and humiliate a most repulsive classmate, he goes on a “list” in Gothic Hilferty Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen). He invites her to a party in the school, where a drop in a cruel, uncivilized. She retaliates by throwing a spell on him that transforms him into everything he is not. Angry about the carving, Alex confronts Kendra and realizes that the only solution to escape the spell is to make someone fall in love with it as it is something that they consider impossible. Terrified by his appearance, Kyle’s father banishes him to Brooklyn, accompanied by a sympathetic owner and a blind tutor. While Kyle thinks about how to clear the spell and regain life, he risks stopping a drug addict to kill a seller. Being aware of this opportunity, he promises freedom and safety for his daughter, Linda Taylor, if it moves to Kyle’s house. Thus begins Kyle’s journey to find true love, the story of hyper-modern classics Beauty and the Beast.

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