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Belyy tigr

Military doctors who treated him on tankman Ivan Naydenov, seriously wounded in a battle during the Second World War, are dismayed when they see how it heals miraculously after suffering burns on 90% of his body, conclusion as the patient has recovered almost completely, only retrograde amnesia affecting his brain.

Given the fact that Soviet troops were in great need of tank drivers, Ivan is sent back to the front. Exasperated by damage from a German tank nicknamed “White Tiger” spoken that would be possessed by an evil spirit itself Marshal Zhukov ordered the construction of emergency a tanker experimental T34 – 85 greatly improved, with a mission to locate and destroy German tank that has wreaked havoc among Russian tanks. It was only brought to the front, under the command of Ivan is now a second lieutenant, helped by Serge. Kryuk the shooter and charger station Bredyev, T34 – 85 starts into action.

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