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Inspired by the article “Midnight in the Garden of East Texas” published in 1998 in the magazine Texas Monthly, drama “Bernie” is at the heart of a mortician in a small Texas town named Berhardt “Bernie” Tiede, who so generously that has attracted the sympathy and love of all locals who have never been a bad word to say about him. After befriends rich, grumpy and dominatoarea widow Marjorie Nugent and do everything in his power to ingratiate women older Bernie kills to receive the money they and call later to all sorts of means ingenious creating the illusion that the victim is still alive and avoid the rigors of the law. For several months no one in town noticed the absence of obnoxious widows and not alarmed, but the district attorney Danny Buck Davidson, who hopes to be re-elected and make excessive zeal to convince citizens that deserve the post they occupy, it becomes suspicious and starts an investigation on their own. To the amazement of neighbors and acquaintances, Bernie is charged with murder and pleads guilty, but even then it is not too harshly judged by the locals.

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