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Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Malcolm Turner, FBI agent leading the practice to disguise a woman stout and sympathetic to settle their cases is sent on a new mission adventurous, only this time accompanied by the son of his foster named Trent.

After 17-year-old boy witnesses a murder and becomes involuntarily target offenders who committed it, Malcolm Turner perfected an ingenious plan to hide his stepson. Thus, Trent is dressed in women’s clothes and put a wig on his head and was given first name Charmaine, then enrolled in a school of fine arts frequented exclusively by girls.

Obviously, the boy accompanies his stepfather in this adventure, appealing once again to the tricks that instantly transform the FBI agent Malcolm Turner in Big Momma. The two men disguised task is to gather sufficient evidence to incriminate him assassin before he find them and take revenge bloody.

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