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Uxbal lives in the impoverished Santa Coloma neighborhood of Barcelona and is involved in a series of illegal business to ensure his two children a decent living. His wife, Marambra, suffers from personality denial, he is emotionally emotional and lazy, has an affair with Uxbal’s brother and is a pitiful mother, which is why the custody of the two children was given to her husband.

Having the ability to communicate with the spirits of the deceased, Uxbal is often paid by troubled relatives to ease the passage of the dead to the world beyond, but the main source of income for man is the illegal introduction into Spain of Chinese workers who work hard -a workshop and smugglers, which are subsequently sold to the black market by Senegalese immigrants.

When the Senegalese are threatened with deportation, 24 Chinese workers are victims of a tragic accident for which they feel responsible; at the same time, doctors tell him terrible news, and Uxbal must find a way to reconcile with fate.

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