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Black Butterflies

The film is a portrait of the troubled and famous writer Ingrid Jonker. “This interpretation complex has a million shades. We offered this award for courage and fragility, and for showing an incredible wealth of emotions and inner strength throughout the film,” commented the jury at Tribeca award given actress Carice Van Houten .

Ingrid Jonker was a South African poet who wrote poems in African since six years. Her work has been translated worldwide, so that it reached the status of poet symbol of South Africa. Jonker has remained known for her suicide, only 32 years drowning in the ocean. The film “Black Butterflies” is directed by Paula van der Oest, nominated for Oscar, who admitted that the poet is a difficult character.

Ingrid Jonker was someone sensitive, free-spirited daughter of a component of the Government of South Africa who claimed racial segregation. Throughout life, it was endeavored to obtain the approval and love of her father, Abraham Jonker. He said, at the news that his daughter committed suicide in the ocean: “For my part, you can discarded.” In 1994, when Parliament was inaugurated in South Africa, Nelson Mandela read a poem by Ingrid Jonker.

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