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Black Gold

Inspired by the novel “South of the Heart: A Novel of Modern Arabia” of author Hans Ruesch drama “Black Gold” highlights the negative effects it has on the two emirs rivals exploit petroleum resources in a strip of land called The Yellow Belt , which separates the territories they govern each and on which agreed 15 years ago to consider the region neutral and not a capture, non-aggression pact between Amar and Nassib being sealed in that first entrusted the second two boys on his princes and Saleeh Auda, a guarantee that there will never start war against the neighboring nation.

When North Americans arriving in the Middle East and informs the progressive, liberal and hungry for money Nassib that there are huge oil reserves in The Yellow Belt, enthusiastic print Saleeh teamed with prospectors US to dig wells and start drilling, thus triggering a conflict with traditionalists and conservative temperatul biological father Amar, who believes that anything that can be bought with money has no value. Prince Auda, who was married Lallah, daughter Nassib adoptive father, turns a studious and introverted young brave leader of an insurrection and a freedom fighter.

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