In a far-fledged and technologically advanced future, civilization has come to the last possible form based on the Internet. An “infection” of the past has made automatic systems escape from control, resulting in a city with a multi-level structure that reproduces infinitely in all directions. Now humanity has lost control of the city and is hunted and decimated by the defense system called Safeguard. In a small part of the city, a small enclave, known as Electro-Fisher, faces a possible disappearance, caught between the threat of protection and dramatic decline in the food stock. A girl named Zuru goes on a journey to find resources for her grouping when an observation tower detects her and calls a Safeguard device to eliminate the threat. With her dead comrades and all the escape routes blocked, the only thing that can save her now is Killy the Wanderer’s unexpected occurrence, his mission being to find the key to the Net Genes Terminal and to restore order in the world.

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