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Blue-Eyed Butcher

This psychological thriller is inspired by the true story of Susan Wright, a young and beautiful wife, mother of two children, who kill violent seemingly perfect husband after years of domestic violence.

Susan Wright, a gorgeous Texan seemed to have a life story along with Jeff, an adoring husband and two beautiful children. For friends, they seem a united family. But in 2003, six years after their marriage, the tale is shattered when Jeff is found dead and buried in the yard of their suburban home. The local community is shocked when the police accuses Susan of premeditated murder: it seems that it would be lured her husband into the bedroom, he would be bound and would have stabbed violently nearly 200 times before remove traces of the crime. While the family of Jeff faced with the news devastating, Susan begins to plot aggressive defense: killed Jeff to defend herself and her children after he abused her physically and mentally for years days. But prosecutor Kelly Siegler is skeptical regarding this scenario and argues that the killer is a manipulative sociopath and has used her beauty to the world to pass everything – even murder.

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