Everyone is playing football. The whole village is in the fever of the championship: the teams are preparing and want to win. Most of the chances are, of course, the “heavy” team in the local council, led by the mayor (Fekete Ernő) who can not be wrong too by his deputy (Schmied Zoltán), whom he does not like to mistake. But the time has come for the changes: for the first time in their lives, they are competing in the competition and the wilderness of the village, that is to say, young people who have been mowing the mint in the gypsy.

At their head there is a poor golden-legged boy (Nagy Dániel Viktor), fresh out of jail, respectively the village priest who is a dribbling ace (Bánki Gergő). And their team follows the victory. The stakes become even greater when a mysterious millionaire who is also drawn from this village decides to award the best footballers with a trip to Brazil, and so the ordinary life of the villagers is overwhelmed.

Big stories of love, and bigger beatings in the crowd, a suprise domiciliary search, mysterious bandits, a railroad fireman, the voivode of the Gypsies arriving in a meranti – and finally we find who and where they go on holiday.

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