With the Burlesque musical, an electrifying movie, during which you can not control your feet and not smile at night, the screenwriter and director Steven Antin gives us an immortal story about aspirations in the showbiz world. It’s a milestone for live entertainment, and a brilliant film that gives a new color and a new image to the entertainment movie.

Ali (Christina Aguilera), a sensuous girl from a small town in the province, wished her ideals to be fulfilled and could not conceive that they could just stay dreams.
You are invited to the cabaret world.

Leaving behind the hardships of the past and worries about the future, Ali goes to Los Angeles, the capital of entertainment, where he gets to the Burlesque Lounge, a majestic, but neglected, home that hosts a successful magazine show. She manages to engage as a waiter, convincing her sweetly with Tess (Cher), patron of the club, and star-forming woman, her star. Seeing the variety shows every night, Ali becomes a spitting spit and teaches all the Burlesque numbers outside. Darned costumes and bold choreography spell the innocent young woman.
Ali really believes he’s done for the cabaret scene so he swears one day he’ll be on the stage and sing.

But first, she has to make a real slalom among the locals, with whom she has better or worse relationships. She joins a club dancer (Julianne Hough), and is jealous of a jealous performer (Kristen Bell), and manages to win the affection of Jack (Cam Gigandet), and a handsome bartender who is both an instrumentalist and a guest temporarily in his apartment save money. In the end, with the help of an intelligent and sensual artistic director (Stanley Tucci), Ali manages to make his way to the scene. Her spectacular voice and stage play succeeded in bringing The Burlesque Lounge back to the glory of glory, giving Tess the hope that she would not have followed the advice of her ex-husband, Peter Gallagher, who wanted to sell an entrepreneur’s place Dane) which made them a tempting proposition.

As the star of Ali shines more and more on the firmament, Burlesque Lounge is obvious: he delights, fascinates and fulfills dreams. But are his days – and sexy nights, full of color and music – counted?

Burlesque is produced by Donald De Line. The executive producers are Stacy Kolker Cramer and Risa Shapiro. The creator also includes costume designer Michael Kaplan, composer Christophe Beck, musical arranger Buck Damon, editor Virginia Katz, A.C.E., stage designer Jon Gary Steele, picture director Bojan Bazelli, ASC and choreographers Denise Faye and Joey Pizzi.

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