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Carmen 3D

Coproduction RealD and the Royal Opera House in London, CARMEN 3D is a stunning film, peppered with some of the most beloved songs of all time, sung by the most famous artists in the world. CARMEN 3D promises to carry the audience on a magical journey on a magic carpet tales of loving all its ingredients: passion, jealousy, betrayal.
Passion, jealousy and betrayal have come under the spotlight at the Royal Opera House in London in the most spectacular adaptation of Georges Bizet’s famous opera Carmen. Known drama comes packed with memorable songs covering the entire range from solos full of love and intimate load up to overwhelming choirs, “Habanera” and “The Toreador’s Song” are only two of these songs.
The first criticism of the opera Carmen put it on the wall considering it vulgar and despicable. That was in 1875 and was due scenography shabby at that time. And Bizet did not live long enough to see his creation become a successful Hoteles, now one of the works from the repertoire always present The Royal Opera House in London and all other institutions of its kind in the world.
Opera Carmen by Bizet presents vulcanicei much beloved story of Carmen, a beautiful gypsy woman whose young love is as fleeting as it is passionate and has a devastating effect on men they meet. Brigadier Don Jose himself hopelessly in love when he sees Carmen for the first time and will completely annihilate senses jealousy to murder when the young leaves him for another man.
In this disturbing and lively production, performed by Francesca Zambello, so beautifully filmed in 3D by Julian Napier, Sevilla rises majestically among the ranks of soldiers, the crowd of villagers, gypsies and bullfighters gorgeous women. This spectacular production brings on stage and on screen at the same time, a very talented distribution, a captivating story and not least energetic and passionate music of Bizet.

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