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After their boys aged 11 years stick in the playground of the school, and Zachary them out rival two teeth with a stick, wife Penelope and Michael Longstreet on the one hand and wife Nancy and Alan Cowan on the other hand decide to meet the modest apartment of the first to discuss this incident cordial.

Penelope is a political activist who writes a book about Darfur, and Michael is the seller, part of the middle class of society and living in Brooklyn, while Alan is a successful lawyer who speaks incessantly on cell phone and Nancy responsible for managing family wealth, luxurious living in Manhattan.

Polite conversation at the beginning of the meeting degenerates ongoing conflict violent verbal, irony acid and reproaches about how poorly they have educated offspring, the four parents glaring at each other serious allegations that bring out the cracks in their own marriages. As you lose control and raise their voices at each other, Penelope, Michael, Nancy and Alan give their true face and shows that behind the apparent tolerance hide racial prejudice, homophobia and misogyny.

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