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Cat Run

Catarina is a sexy lady companion, who is engaged to provide sexual services to North American and European politicians and becomes witness killing of a luxury prostitutes by the Secretary of State for Defence, Krebb. To prevent the outbreak of a scandal, it assassinates dignitaries all other prostitutes who witnessed that scene, but intelligence Catarina manages to escape and steal sensitive videotape that was incriminating evidence about crime and about the business of arms trafficking.

Politicians enlists the help of a professional assassin experienced named Helen Bingham reduce it to silence the Catarina and the young woman who is the mother of a boy trying to escape across the border stealing his car Anthony’s cell phone Julian, two childhood friends that encounters in a restaurant. In response, North Americans settled in Europe Anthony and Julian founded a detective agency, private and aim to protect the woman against followers who want to kill and retrieve video stolen, clumsiness their obvious generating a series of hilarious situations.

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