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Chasing Mavericks

“Chasing Mavericks” is inspired by the tragic and true story of Jay Moriarty surfing champion who has earned a reputation for fearless surfer at age 16, when his performance in Half Moon Bay appeared on the cover of Surfer, but who drowned in June 2001, one day before turning 23, Lohifushi Island resort in Maldives

Truancy from school to look with envy on the local surfers, originally from Santa Cruz teenager dreamed of becoming a legend of this sport aquatic and reach the peaks of the waves with a height of 18 meters in northern California, so-called Mavericks, who many consider a myth.

Jay Moriarty managed to convince the surfer Rick “Frosty” Hesson to take him under his wing to teach him patronizing and tricks dangerous and exciting profession, and mentor astonishing perseverance, tenacity, discipline and talent that led proof. As time passed between Rick and Jay formed a strong emotional connection first became a kind of surrogate father for the second, as he sometimes reminded his wife Brenda. Encouraged by his mother and his girlfriend Christy Kim, Jay has trained more seriously than a professional athlete and has followed his dream to the end, entering the history of the sport.

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