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Che bella giornata

“Che Bella Giornata” is the second film project of Italian comic Checco Zalone after “Cado Dalle Nubia” in 2009, both films being directed by Gennaro Nunziata.

Checco is declined for the third consecutive examination for entry among Carabinieri. Depressed receiving aid archbishop of Milan to be called as a security guard at the Duomo. In one day he meets Farah, an Arab immigrant origin who falls. Checco but knows that Farah plans with her brother even a bomb threat to Milan’s Duomo and wants to use Checco to plan and carry out.

Checco Zalone character he plays in his comedies is distinguished by several features: ignorance, constant blunders you make without realizing the comic situation, silly songs with lyrics that elicit laughter, giving an overall look cartoonish character.

The film “Che Bella Giornata” ranks in the top three highest grossing films in Italy after Avatar and Titanic.

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