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War of the Arrows – Choi-jong-byeong-gi Hwal

“War of the Arrows” is the story of Nam Yi and his sister Ja-In. When they were small they assist in killing their father, a servant of the king, charged with treason. Nam-Yi is sent with her sister to relatives in an area far removed to be protected. As time passes, Nam-Yi still feels his father’s death and accusations thereto. One evening Jyu come to ask the hand of Ja-In and the two started fighting. Unfortunately for Nam-Yi, the wedding is set so that it is forced to leave the village. It is leaving the wedding day even though the road meets army who killed his father.
The new emperor’s army attacked the village where the wedding takes place and kill some of the guests, and all others taken prisoners. Ja-in fails and it is taken prisoner and the army camp to become an escort for the new emperor. Nam-Yi leaves his sister’s footsteps without knowing that it is pursued by a band of elite king who wants to kill him. Nam-Yi needs his bow and arrows, and shoot technique, avoiding various obstacles if it is to stay alive long enough to save his sister.

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