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Crushing machines just thinking. Flight. Acquiring a power that can destroy a city. Who would not want that kind of power? Who would not want to do the impossible? What you do Chronicle asks if you Andrew, Matt and Steve?

Andrew, Matt and Steve are three teenagers with which you can identify, each with a distinct personality, facing real challenges arising from high school life. They are imperfect, awkward and a little foolish. But they discovered something beyond their ability – or anyone else – for understanding. Their discovery brings telekinetic abilities; in common language, they have superpowers.

They can only move objects with the mind just can crush cars with willpower. They learned to fly … the largest wish fulfillment. Then things take an unfortunate turn.

What would you do if suddenly you acquire capabilities that go beyond your comprehension? You wear a special suit, you fly and you beat the villains? If you were a teenager, most likely answer would be: so you think. You have fun with powers, make jokes and maybe you take revenge on those who have hurt you. Perhaps these powers would it brings out the less noble. Or worse.

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