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Cinema Verite

A view behind the scenes of the groundbreaking documentary An American Family chronicle of a family that was in the early 70s, turning ordinary people into stars and thereby opening a new genre: reality TV.

In 1973 Loud family became a television phenomenon. It happened a long time ago like a rock star to show eccentric members of his family on the small screen and many years before working wife to quarrel among themselves on television in the nation.

Cinema Verite, HBO Films, tells the story of the backstage documentary revolutionary, An American Family, which followed the lives of family members Loud early 1970s and which brought fame family of Santa Barbara and at the same time created a new television genre: reality TV series. When aired in 1973, An American Family was a big difference from the series that period. Family members were subjected to thorough public examination and were not prepared for the consequences. Loud family was put in the spotlight while parents were struggling to save his marriage trying to raise five children and adolescents. In particular, Pat was criticized for its apparent support for gay son, Lance, in a time when homosexuality was rarely shown on television.

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