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Closer to the Moon

Bucharest, 1959. A spectacular robbery of the National Bank on a pick put the whole country on fire. In Communist Romania, such a gangster attack is untenable both for state authorities, as well as for any normal man: what you can do with lei-convertible, in a political and economic system which severely limits the usefulness of money? The authors of the coup: four men and a woman, all situated at the top communist party hierarchy, away from indigence. A month later arrested, tried and sentenced to death; but awaiting execution are “invited” to play their roles in a film reconstruction of their action, meant to become an educational and propaganda film meant working people across the country!

During those few days when heroes robbery are taken in the morning in the prison cells Jilava and transformed into “movie stars” in a Bucharest sunny and alive, everyone around them – militiamen Securitate, the investigation team shooting – cud same question: why did it? they hope to achieve?

Nae caranfil propose his own dispensation of the mystery that hovers today on the true stories in a comic and tragic film alike, conducted in English, with an international distribution of prestige.

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