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Cold in July

On a warm summer night in 1989, the Texan Richard Dane’s been awakened by the sound of an intruder in his house, presumably to steal something. Scared that they might happen to a boy’s or his nightstand drawer Dane takes a gun and goes to the room where the intruder crawls hears.
When he discovers the thief, family man panics and pulls a bullet that turns deadly.

The police declared him a sort of local hero for his act of self-defense, but when Dane and his wife were going to give official statements about the incident, police discovered that the victim’s identity changed. Family Safety is soon shattered, for Ben, father of the murdered convict, it embarked on revenge and will enter, in turn, into the house. Since the authorities have used him as bait to catch another evil-doer, Richard Dane takes on his mission to find out what was really spent the night an intruder shot dead in his home.

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