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Come Back to Me

As a teenager, Dale witnesses the murder of her mother, Eileen, by his father addicted to drugs. After police arrived his father is killed by them and the officer who discovers Eileen rushed out of the house and vomited. However, Dale comes back into the house to tell his mother that everything will be fine.

Then the action of the film takes place a few years later in Las Vegas. Sarah and Josh form a married couple, and Dale is their new neighbor. Sarah soon begin to experience memory loss, nocturnal panic attacks and later and nausea. It is from Leslie, her doctor that she was pregnant, but Josh is sterile and reveals that their relationship falls apart.

Left alone, Sarah install video surveillance hidden cameras to record what was happening to her when she loses memory. Video recordings will show a shocking truth.

The film is based on the book ” The Resurrectionist ” of Wrath James White.

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