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Cuban Fury

Behind the appearance of overweight shy Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost) is hiding a passionate soul of salsa. Now a woman is about to rekindle the flame of Latin. The light reflectors, and Nick is forced to say Conquer A salsa!

It’s 1987: A 13 year old teenager is determined to first British Salsa Championship. His name is Bruce Garrett and fire heel has world at his feet, but only until one evening when an incident causes him to lose his confidence and disrupt the life in other ways.
25 years later, his dream is well placed under lock and key. Bruce is now ETSI in form, alone and unloved by anyone well resigned to his comfort zone. It takes the arrival of Julia (Rashida Jones), head of smart, funny and very sexy way from America for Bruce to question the existence dull and passionless. For Julia it’s not his nose, but also because Drew (Chris O’Dowd) office obnoxious rival start to make it a hard court, Bruce is thinking to give up. Will they succeed his sister fair (Olivia Colman), together with his mentor childhood in salsa (Ian McShane) and his new buddy amateur salsa (Kayvan Novak) to unleash the beast and to regain the passion lost and to conquer which can be love of his life?

The team also produced comedies cult Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim, Paul, Attack The Block, The World’s End and Sightseers meet Conquer A WITH SALSA some of the best comedians with some of the most salsa dancers in a cocktail with a seductive soundtrack, a touch of sparkle and an equal mixture of comedy and romance.

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