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Damsels in Distress

Violet, Rose and Heather are student at the University Seven Oaks, watching the colleagues who are not part of their circle with a certain condescension and behave arrogantly even though to them it appears that they are smart, unpretentious and well-intentioned.
Dynamics Violet is determined to have a positive impact on people around, and the first person whose life aims to change is Lily, a student transferred from another university who are joined by three friends at the Center for Prevention of Suicide campus, teaching that proper hygiene, a pleasant smell, eating donuts and dance lessons are basic ingredients of maintaining mental health.
Once you have the false impression that prevented the suicide Priss, Violet confesses that it prefers to meet with guys stupid and unattractive, it is obvious that activates a protection mechanism to not choose heartbroken. Convinced that controls the relationship with Frank, Violet is shocked and depressed when they catch a cheating lover and must recognize that the system of so-called values ‚Äč‚Äčthat strives to impose it on others is full of hypocrisy.
Soon the friendship of the four girls is threatened by the entrance of Charlie, Xavier and Thor, their potential courtiers.

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