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Dans la maison

Germain is a professor of literature at a high school in France, married an art gallery curator. Germain his wife complains about the low level of interest of his students, who care only for their mobile phones and pizza. The professor is excited to discover a talented student writer, Claude, who describes in homework as a colleague manipulated to allow access into his house on the pretext of helping with homework, but actually to be able to roam bourgeois dwelling rooms and get to know fellow parents. Nice story, the teacher begins to give all kinds of advice stylistic and narrative construction of Claude. Once these private lessons begin, Germain realizes that his pupil homework line between fiction and reality is very thin or they too may not even exist, because the teacher himself begins to appear as a character. His talented pupils and teacher succeeds restore enthusiasm for his work, but young intrusions will unleash uncontrollable events. The film is an exploration of the relationship between fiction and life, author and reader, but also the art of storytelling. “Dans la Maison” is the epic novel “The Boy In The Last Row” by Juan Mayorga, a story about a teenager who is able to corrupt and manipulate everyone around him.

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