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The Deep Blue Sea

Hester (Rachel Weisz) feels fulfilled with much older husband, Sir William, who despite material and home comfort that it offers, can not wake up in the thrill of love woman. Thus, she falls in love with Freddie (Tom Hiddleston), a young man and seductive, it attracts the game a searing passions.
Hester gives her full love her, but his love for Freddie admits that she can not raise the same level of adoration and self surrender. She leaves her husband and start a new life with the young pilot, but his passion flame is extinguished quickly.
Aware that life is not only her lover, she could not and will not be able to hinder the freedom to love and to be so full of it, Hester tried to commit suicide, but fails. This just makes it even more Freddie away, frightened by the thought that she wanted to take his life because of him, because of the impossibility of having it.
Destiny seems to enshroud them a new way, because Freddie gets an offer he could not refuse in South America. After they spent together one last night, two is goodbye, he leaves and she, pushed by despair, refusing to live in a world without his presence alongside.

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